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About Us > About Rev. Varghese Thudian (The Director Emmanuel Children’s Home)
My name is Rev. Varghese Thudian. I was born and brought up in a Christian family in a small village named Azhakam near Angamaly in Kerala. I had to suffer poverty and starvation from my childhood itself. Just like a beggar I begged for food in my neighboring houses. I know very well what starvation and poverty means. When I completed my education, I started a business and gained wealth. I got many friends that changed my life. It dragged me to the wrong path. I became addicted to alcohol and drugs. My business became a loss and I lost every thing down my money, my friends. But I couldn’t give up alcohol and drugs. Everyone began to hate me even my parents and brothers. I wandered in the streets like a mad person. When I felt my life a burden I tried to attempt suicide many times. In 1986 January 3rd while I was sitting in my room four or five nuns came to my house. They told me about the love of Jesus Christ. First I was not ready to accept it, but I asked them a question “Can you tell me boldly looking in to my eyes that the Jesus Christ can save me from all my physical and mental problems? Holding the bible to their chest they told me “Today if you believe in the God we serve, our God will bless you.” By hearing the words of the sisters I knelt down in front of them and prayed. I began to cry loudly thinking of the sin I had done. I dedicated my life completely to the hands of Jesus Christ. I prayed to God if you can provide me a good life I will live for you. By this time the sisters surrounded me and began to pray for me. I felt something moving within me. My heart filled with joy and peace. On that day I realized a truth that Jesus is alive and I dedicated my life to God to serve the mankind. After that I went to Bible College to study the Bible. God helped me to visit different places and to preach about Jesus Christ and to save the young people, who were addicted to alcohol and drugs. In 1989, I got married. My wife Alice belongs to a family of eight members and she was the youngest one. She also suffered poverty and starvation in her life. Despite her situation she managed to attain higher education and joined in a ministry called Indian Campus Crusade for Christ and did the mission work.

God gifted us with two children Grace and Jaise. We didn’t have any thing but by faith we began God’s ministry. God helped us to guide many people and to establish many churches in different places in Kerala and Tamilnadu. I made contact with Emmanuel Ministry, Kota Rajasthan in 1990. Arch Bishop Dr. M. A Thomas and Dr. Samuel Thomas gave us inspiration and some financial help. In 2000 we started Emmanuel orphanage. Now we are having 160 residents here. We are praying and working hard to protect minimum 1000 homeless, needy, and unprivileged children and to provide them with food, shelter, clothing, and education to bring them up as fruitful citizens of tomorrow in God’s fear within 5years. So that children’s potential can be fully utilized for the development of the society. We are warmly welcome you to our orphanage. You can visit our children and can share your happiness with them. And also encourage your friends and relatives and to visit us. We need your prayers and support. When you help a needy child with immense heart God will surely reward you with a dazzling future. May God protect you and your family from all the difficulties and troubles

Thanking You,  
Yours in Christ,
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